Pot Hole Repair

Pot Hole and Crack Repair

Potholes are generally caused by moisture, freeze-thaw action, traffic, poor underlying support, or some combination of these factors. Pothole repair is necessary in those situations where potholes compromise safety and pavement rideability.

Pothole repair operations can usually be divided into two distinct periods. The first period is winter repairs, when temperatures are low, base material is frozen, and additional moisture and freeze-thaw cycles are expected before the spring thaw. The second period is spring repairs, when base material is wet and soft, and few additional freeze-thaw cycles are expected.

We can make emergency temporary winter repairs and/or permanent repairs when the warmer weather arrives. Generally by late mid-March we can start full repairs to your pot-hole damage parking lot or driveway.

Hot Fill Crack Repair

We offer Hot Crack Filler to fill cracks that develop on driveways and parking lots. Filling Asphalt Cracks is an important step in  extending the life of your asphalt surface.  Filling cracks can stop vegetation from growing in the crack, which can push the pavement up, breaking the pavement surface and causing other problems. Cracks also allow water to enter the asphalt and the moisture under the asphalt surface will freeze and push the pavement up.

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